Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thoughts on 2010 ... AND BEYOND

One of my favorite holiday tunes is Auld Lang Syne. It's gotta be the scratchy recording of the warbly saxophones though. I don't mind other versions, but they don't stir up the same black and white images of party-goers of yesteryear wearing cone-hats and popping corks from champagne bottles.

For now, I'm focused on the future. I'm making a 2011 commitment to Josh By Himself. Here are the basics parts of my plan to eventually rule the blogosphere (a term I hate):
1. I'm shortening the brand name to JBH - Merchandise deals are in the works, but keep an eye out for stickers and travel mugs (or fanny packs) in mid February (just in time for Valentine's Day).
2. Regular features - I can't do this every day, but I can do it with more regularity than I currently am (obviously). Hopefully I can establish a routine that people will learn, and then they'll know they can tune into Letterman or Conan that night to see what they have to say about the latest post.
3. A blogger network - I've got a few friends who have something to say, and I want to use them to make myself more popular. Keep checking for updates on the JBH network - details to come.
4. Lectures/party/club appearances - New in 2011 JBH founder, Joshua Myers, will be available to speak at your event or appear at your sweet 16/album release/fashion label release/prison release/wedding reception. Email the webmaster for information on booking (serious inquiries only).
5. Internships - need college credit? JBH is always looking for motivated, self-confident undergrads to fully engage in the exciting world of blogging. As always interns will be considered first for positions opening at JBH.
6. Reader feedback - Got ideas for something you'd like to see in the blog? post it in the comment section and I'll have one of my unpaid monkey-interns read your idea.
7. JBHCON - Anual conventions for JBH readers would allow the diverse community of readers from around the world the opportunity to meet and act like it's the first time they're away from their parents. Details upcoming.
8. Premium content - devoted followers who just can't get enough of JBH will have the option of paying a monthly subscription fee for bonus content including deleted material, NSFW pics of network bloggers, SWAG, sexist jokes, and more.

Here at JBH we are constantly looking for ways to improve the readers' experience. We've turned down purchase offers from major internet conglomerates, and we're committed to maintaining a pure, quality product free from corporate influence.